My Story

 It is true I am not a photographer but I am a photo-artist, I will not always show you the world as you see it. I provide you with insights you would not otherwise have experienced.


My home town is Shawnee Kansas. Born in Kansas City Mo in 1952,  During September 1973  my journey brought me to Germany.

After being in Germany for a few days I dreamed about staying here forever. After serving with the US Armed Forces in Würzburg Germany for seven years my dream came true.

This Twenty-one year old was filled with wonder about the new taste, sights, sounds, and history  Making my first footsteps in the journey into my new World. Two passions were learned and fine-tuned.


My passion to roam the Bavarian hills of Franconia, Germany.  Searching for treasures that were hidden or lost by past Generations. In those same hills of Franconia and in the streets and alleys of Europe's cities the second passion burns like fire. Exploring the plains and mountains of my adopted world on the other side of the big pond. Always with my camera in hand.

My Images remind you that every person, every river, hill or mountain, every fallen leaf or flower, every cottage or castle, and every window or door tells a story. I invite you into my world between reality and dreams. 


Mark Brooks

Dürrwisenweg 7

97337 Detteöbach, Germany 






For YOUR information of this WEBSITE is administered: Mark Brooks Dürrwiesenweg 7. 97337 Dettelbach Germany E-Mail: Telephone: 09324 03133

My art is presented on this website along with what is on my mind.



Making art is more than a hobby or a profession.

For me, it is a true lifelong passion. It is a challenge to capture the world as I see it and record the moment in time.