2020 12 12 Digging in the Dirt

12 November 2020.

My World Zwischen Realität und Traum

I am having growning pains with this program please bare with me.

Yesterday I was digging in the dirt. It is as it should be in November very cold. However, for some reason I think it is the pills I take causes me to sweat like I am in a sauna. The good thing is I stay warm.

Today the place I detected was one I saw two summers ago. It is long the River Main near Dettelbach. The area is often flooded so I assume the really good stuff is deeper than my detector can go. The ground is sandy and has a lot of minerals. This can make the detector go crazy from time to time.

Why hunt this spot? I just had a wild hair. Lots of them maybe.

I am happy with today's finds.

1. A little Saint

2. a coin from the 1800's

Looks 2 Celtic coins but I have to have them check to be postive.

I found more stuff but did not want to make more photos.

Only worked a third for the field that has just been plowed so I will be back soon.

Here are some of the finds from today.

This could be a Celtic coin. Maybe you can see the horse.

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