It was summer. Grandma and Grandpa Brooks were staying with us for the summer. It was too hot for them in Flordia so they came back to Kansas every summer to play cards on our kitchen table.

One week, Mom and Dad took the plane and flew up to Minnesota to fish and get eaten by the mosquitos. Grandma and Grampa were taking care of us.......... RIGHT

Summer fun was getting boringly routine. The new game Steve had for us to play was BlackOut.

BlackOut consists of wrapping your arms around the other player as he or she holds the breath. At that moment you squeeze as hard as you can until the squeezed victim in the game passes out. You must admit that really sounds like gobs fun.

Steve, please please do me next I cried. So he did.

The back porch had a drop to the ground of about three feet.He placed me on the edge of the back porch put his arms around me. I took a deep breath and soon................ I was gone. He was supposed to let me fall back and catch me...... RIGHT

Believing that I was faking it my great big brother let go of his trusting little brother.

I fell three feet to the ground and my neck was in a very strange position.

Steve jumped down real fast and said....... Don't tell Grandpa or I will beat the crap out of you.

The rest of the week I walked around holding my head in a strange way. All Grandma said was....... What in the world is wrong with that boy.


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