She gave me a passion for life.

On Rainbow Boulevard was the Youth For Christ building. When I was a teenager.

At 15 it was one of the places that I went to hang out.

It was supposed to be a place where kids could get closer to Christ.

For some of us, it was a place to meet new talent and play kissy-face in the darkness of the balcony.

On one such night, I met a beautiful dark-eyed beauty with long black hair. Boy, could she kiss. We exchanged phone numbers and talked every day after school on the phone.

The following week we were going steady.

Yolanda told me her father was a treasure hunter during one of our talks. We needed for a way we could see each other more often. So the plan was to get my dad interested in Treasure hunting. I told my dad about Pete. Dad gave Pete a call and an outing was planned looking for 5 bars of gold.

We did not find them that Day but it was a fun outing. Pete, Dad, John, me, Yolanda and her big brother, what's his name. We walked around on the hills overlooking the Missouri River.

Pete got a signal on his detector and double-checked it with his welding rods. What's his name was instructed to dig a hole, four feet by four feet. Don't stop digging until we come back he was told.

While the hole was being dug, we scattered and looked for treasure markings on the cliff and rocks in the area. We did not find any.

We returned to the hole and what's his name was standing up to his chest in the middle of the hole. Disappointingly no gold bars were dugout. Pete turned on the machine to check the hole again he did not get a signal. Then he said these words. The signal must have moved.

Our treasure hunting relationship did not last very long and neither did my relationship with Yolanda. The last time that I think I saw her was on my 16th Birthday. She made me a cake.

This chance meeting at Youth For Christ did not bring me to Christ. However, it did plant the seeds for my life long passion for Metal Detecting. It is now Fifty-four years later and I am still swinging a machine and digging in the dirt.

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