My big brother Steve and I had many different avenues to earn money as we grew up.

Some were better than others.

Paper was a big moneymaker for us it put a good kid income. Steves filled his pockets and I was allowed to have a little bit of change too.

Steve was the manager, he made the important organizational part. Arranging the routes to take and beg for newspaper and magazines. Me, it was my job to go take my wagon door to door and collect the paper, bring it to the garage put it in bundles, and stack it up. Papers were saved until we had a pickup load, then dad would drive it down. The paper was turned into hard cash.

The sale of paper was a pretty good deal. However, most money was made coupon laundering.

When you lived in Shawnee Kansas in the 60's you must remember the Vans Grocery store.

This is where we did our business transactions. Not only could we make money at Van's we could spend it there too.

You may be a coupon clipper so you know most of the magazines had coupons, 5 cents off 15 cents off, and so on. We would cut the coupons that were not outdated and ones where you could get free stuff like soap. We had more soap than anybody in the neighborhood hood I bet. Lots of Irish Spring. Coupons were bundled up in $50.00 batches. We got on our bikes and took them, Dick. Dick was the owner of the Grocery store he was always happy to see us, boys. Our earnings were good 50% of the value of the coupons in cold hard cash. It was good money for even adults in those days.

We earned a little, Dick earned a lot. he matched the coupons up with his product sales then send the coupons to the companies to get reimbursed for the coupons. Not only did he have a total income from the sale of the product he received a special bonus for the coupons.

This was over 60 years ago. Past the statute of limitations so I think I am safe to tell this now. Our Van's grocery store and Dick now both gone. In my old wisdom, I am now aware that we were on our way to a Life of Crime.

This is not a funny story but maybe a confession.

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