In the year of the Lord 1960. Darts for Dough was a big success on television.

Steve delivered the Kansas City Kansan on his bike earning some pocket money and often prizes too.

The prize he liked most was the new Dart Board. The one that had darts with the little feathers and metal sticker.

After becoming a professional dart thrower, Steve was looking for bigger and better things to accomplish throwing darts.

The dartboard was attached to a large plywood panel. So most of the time they did stick.

It was boring and he thought of all kinds of things he could do. First, he said he would go catch some sparrows out of the clothesline poles and use them for targets.

Then he got a bright idea. He had a little brother, didn't he? We had watched knife throwers so it stood to reason that darts would work too.

Me, I said I did not want to do it. But Steve convinced me to stand up against the board and let him throw. After, drawing a line around me he had me standstill.

Don't move he said.

I did not.

My eyes were open wide as he took aim and said. One, two, three..........

The dart flew like the wind and hit the target. He was a little off to the right of the side of my face and the dart was standing out straight in my cheek with little drops of blood streaming down.

His first words were not are you ok? They were Don't you tell mom or I will beat the crap out of you.

Don't you just have to love big brothers? They let you do anything.

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