Hallburg 19 April 2022

Updated: Apr 19

It is time to go back to the Hallburg to dig in the dirt.

Talking about holes and cows. I am happy you asked. One of my main rules is to cover up all the holes that I dig. On the Hallburg that is not so easy. The ground is sand with a little dirt mixed in and the grass holds the sand in place. When the hole is filled back in and you walk away it looks great. In a few days, no one would notice the hole was made.

Now comes a problem. When it rains and it rains a lot here the sand is washed deeper in the hole all of the holes that you filled in look like you did not even try to fill in the holes. Not only the rain is against me. It's the cows.

I knew I covered the holes. On arrival, I saw deep cow prints in the Holes that were dug last time. On the 13th the black cow followed me as I was detecting. When I stopped she would stop. When I moved forward she moved forward. It made me happy she stayed a little distance from me. Really I was not into another cow lick upside of my face. Then it happened. As I do sometimes I was chatting with the cow. She looked at me with a twinkle in her eye walked to my last hole dug it out with her paw stuck her big soft pink done into the dirt and licked. I assume the earth is salty but this explains my hole challenge.

This month I cleaned artifacts, took photos of them, recorded the location by GPS on some and all by sections. The items were then bagged and tagged. For future generations to study or throw away.

Much of the stuff is junk. That normally would be either tossed in a bucket because it is not pretty but this time each item is handled with special care.

Today I made a picture with some of the objects found. Just for fun.

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