Hallburg 5 Januar 2021

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This is Section number 2 we are working it now. It is a big area and will take a few months. Not all of the meadow can be worked because part of it is within the no-go zone.

The meadow is not as pretty right now as it is in the photo, in a few months, it will be. This spot is the most relaxing and beautiful places I have worked over the years.

That road going up the hill should be a good place to look. I do not like the gravel on it because it will be harder to dig. Also, I have to watch out that the road is not damaged by my digging. The road has been used for hundreds of years I expect to find many interesting coins here.

This last week I have not gone out because of the bad weather. The cold is Ok but wet is not fun. Right now it is snowing. Often I am checking the weather report and dream tomorrow will be a better day.

Still, I am busy working on the Hallburg project. Plastic bags had to be ordered and labeled. Each good object will have its own bag with the section found the GPS data and the name of the person that dug it out. Coin Books were ordered to display found that will be found coins, tools had to be ordered for doing the restoration work. Plans had to be worked on laying out how the campaign is going to be carried out. A report to the LFD has to be made.

Right now I am angry with myself. I mislaid a plastic bag with my best recoveries. It is someplace in our house, it is not lost just not where it should be. Such a thing happens when you get doing too many things at once or ................ when you get old. It is here but where? At least I have an excuse. Wish I had someone to blame.

People that do not detect often think we find all kinds of good things right from the start. That is not true. We find all kinds of trash, gum wrappers, foil, beer bottle tops the list can get longer and longer. Everything we take away with us and dispose of in another location. Or we save it for a while.

For this project am trying to avoid digging up iron artifacts. Sometimes my detector lies to me and tells me that what lays under the ground is good. Sometimes it is iron but something wonderful. The problem is as soon the object is removed from the ground it starts to rust. Karl Schnider from Volkach worked for the LFD when I first started here in Germany detecting. Years ago Karl taught me how to restore artifacts. If I cannot restore the historically important items professional must be hired. That is an expense that I must avoid. Another problem would be the large amount of iron that would be recovered I could not restore it all.

These recovered items are the first artifacts I am cleaning up from the Hallburg. The most important item is the Celtic Axe that is in the front of the picture. It might not look like it, but the Axe I have worked on now for about 9 hours. Layer by layer the dirt and the rust are removed down to the metal.

This is the process that I am doing right now. After the dirt and rust have been removed. The item will be treated to have the salt removed. It will take weeks until it is rust free and desalted.

Next step the object is placed in the warm oven. Slowly the item will be dried out completely.

Now the fun starts we are almost at the end of the process. A pot of boiling wax is made ready and the item is dropped in. When the little air bubbles stop coming to the top from the object it is taken out of the wax. While the wax is still hot the excess wax is rubbed away the item buffed.

At last, it is done, My hope is that rust will not start again in the next few weeks or years.

This is the CELTIC AXE right out of the ground.

Coins are also a challenge you want to see what you have and when you rub them with your finger the coin most often gets little scratches.

Darn, it is just another modern coin.

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