Hallburg 21 December 2020

This year December it is warm enough to detect in Germany without long underwear and 3 layers of clothing. With the lockdown, it is good that I can get out and dig in the dirt. I wondered if maybe I should be working in the Garden today. But I did not wonder long.

Today, I moved to a new section just over the fence. It is nice here, not so many cow pies. I think soon I will find the spot where people worked and lost things. I did come up with one old silver coin that will be cleaned up tomorrow.

People say you must make a lot of money with that detector as much as you go out. That is not true. I do not look up a coin to see what the collector's value is. I do not care. It is all about the hunt. That little rush with that positive signal. Most of the time that rush fades away very fast when your item turns out to be junk. When it is something good it last until the next hole. The kick is being the first person to have contact with the object that has been hidden for sometimes over 2000 years.

Here is what I found today working nonstop from 10:00 - 15:30 in a 20-meter x 20-meter section. A section of this size takes me between 3 and 4 hours. It depends on how many holes I get to dig.

Besides the coins, a bag of iron was dug up because my detector lied said something good was waiting for me.

The first thing I do when I get into the field on this project is to Mark out the searching area.

Today, I measured out with the GPS the lines for four sections. Hit in the markers and then I can get to work.

On the right side of this yellow rope, I can search. On the left side of this yellow rope, it is forbidden by law because it is in the no detector zone. I know how Eve must have felt when she could have anything she wanted and live happily ever after. If only she would not go over the line and eat that apple. I will not be tempted to go to those other places that look soooooooooooo good.

More to come from time to time about the Hallburg.

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