Hallburg Project 24 December 2020

Updated: Apr 19

Why am I doing all of this work and blogging it you may ask. Let me explain my motives.

In Bayern, we are allowed to metal detect. However, we have rules to be followed. With this project, my goal is to inspire others that are hunting with detectors, to make their hobby correctly by following the rules. To get in touch with the LFD So that our history will not end up on the black market or at the flea market. Where they will no longer have any historical value at all.

The biggest and hardest rule to follow is that we must stay a few hundred meters away from any Ground monument. ( Bodendenkmal) See the picture above.

Remember whatever you find is not truly really yours. You are just the caretaker of the artifact for the moment. By law 50% is yours and 50% belongs to the landowner. However, history belongs to everyone. It is your choice to do it the right or the wrong way. When you do it the wrong way be prepared to pay the price.

It is my recommendation that anyone using a detector get in contact with your local officials before you start to search. Thousands of people are using detectors. Many of them doing it the right way but more doing it as I see it the wrong way. Here is a link to people that can maybe guide you to success. Click here. Startseite (bayern.de)

When I began detecting in Germany in 1977, our group had a lot to learn about what we were finding and what we were supposed to do with them. We were lucky that Danny Patterson reported his big bronze hoard finds in 1978. That opened the door for us with the LDF in Würzburg. We were sent to places that in 2020 we would not be allowed to look. As we saw it we were really helping the archeologists recover artifacts that helped to record the history of the area. Around about 1991, new requirements placed upon us that a permit was required for each and every place we wanted to detect and still follow the rules. we needed permission from many different people, not just the landowner.

Dr. Wamser our mentor and sponsor left for bigger and better things in his career just before he left all permissions were withdrawn. Now no permits are given to people to use detectors.

When the new people took over the LDF in Würzburg I was no longer encouraged to make my hobby. An official informed me that I could no longer search. This was heartbreaking it almost ruined my life.

On the bright side, it was good for me. Taking the energy that I used for hunting I applied to find work that was productive. I found it in sales and that became my new passion.

Not long ago, a new housing area was being started 50 meters behind my house.

When the roads were being made as the top layer of the earth was being removed, I could see a black discoloration of soil and pottery. After making photos I sent them to the LFD. That very day someone was sent out and the building was halted until the area could be checked out by an archeologist. I must say many people in our village were not happy with me.

The LFD allowed me to search the dirt mounds with a detector. I had stopped using the machine altogether, but this would be fun. Something great happened, I found a gold 20 Mark coin. This coin I gave to the present land owner's daughter on her first birthday.

Finding this one coin started me back detecting. My goal has changed from looking for Prehistory Artifacts to just coins. I figured this way I would be able to stay out of problems.

The more I hunted the more I wanted to do something meaningful. That is why I have started this project. My dream is that the artifacts will be kept and displayed at the Hallburg so that all visitors can enjoy what I find for generations to come.

For info about the LFD Notes on the use of metal probes in Bavaria from a legal and technical point of view go to: informationen_für_sondengaenger_2020.pdf (bayern.de)

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