Hallburg Project January 17. 2021

Above is tax marker?

My Searching is put on hold due to the weather conditions, today we have snow. As soon as it is gone you can bet I will be out and about.

The project has not stopped. Preparation for getting ready for the coming season is taking up a lot of time.

My project has more to it than just going out and digging random holes. It would be nice to have an open minded archeologist to guide us.

In November the farthest thing from my mind was what expenses I would have to make this project work.

As I stated before, it is not about digging in the dirt and finding (treasure). The goal is to recover puzzle pieces of history.

I can't just toss everything found in a box junk and good stuff together. We have more junk than good stuff.

What others consider junk is not trash for us is special. Maybe it is just a broken modern whatchamacallit of no value to anyone now. To us it is priceless. It is worth every moment invested to recover it. It is a bit of history left behind by past generations and it has a story to tell. The big kick is being the first to hold it in your hands for hundreds of years the second kick is to brag about it.

Some of the expenses that I am started to add up are as follows.

New Detector :)

GPS Unit

Digging equipment

Protective clothing


Battery Chargers

Cleaning equipment.

The biggest expense is my time which is something that cannot get refunded.

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