I believe

We are learning all the time. Or are we?

Maybe what we are learning is not really the way things happened or the way things were.

In the last four years, we learned to believe alternative facts are real. All news from anywhere else than a certified controlled news source is really fake news.

So much propaganda, A wish, a dream, an all-out lie is presented to the public and it grows and grows. In the end, everyone in the world believes that it is the truth and they are ready to die for it. So that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Politics Suck.

Funny the lowest people on the food chain fall for the new truth.

While those on top profit.

Many years ago a man named Jesus roamed the earth. His followers tried to follow his teachings. He was killed and after his death, his story grew and grew. The Romans hoped that this crazy group of people would just pass away and the name Jesus would slip away and be gone. However, politics took over and the Christian movement grew and grew.

About 600 years later the Muslims thought this was a pretty good deal. They got themselves, Mohamad. This new religion grew like wildfire. You did not have to turn the other cheek and anyone that did not see things your way could be killed.

This caused a problem, Christians took over Rome and a third of the known world. The Muslims took over a third and the remaining third they just did what they wanted to.

Muslims killed in the name of the true God and so did the Christians. God is on our side.

Muslims marched on the Christians and Christians went to the Holy land to kill Muslims.

In the year 2020, we still have people that think this is a good idea for both sides to kill each other. With the new and improved ways of death.

The same old propaganda with a little different twist. Alternative facts stories that have been told so many times that they have been turned into the truth. It is really just for a few reasons as always, Greed and power over others.

One thing for sure as I look out my window and watch the sun come up I know.

You just cannot train nose hairs.

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