My Ego Screams out

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Tell me should everything be politically correct?

My work is not always. But it is mine.

Please tell me if you are here from time to time.

What I make is to help you see another reality that lives in my head.

I tell a story the deeper you look the more you see see inside the picture. You can feel yourself what I am saying.

The picture above was in planning for years. I needed the right model. Here is my interpretation of the picture. ONE NIGHT STAND

It was a big night. The first time she ever been asked out to event so grand. Dinner at an exclusive club and dancing. He wanted gratitude for a good time. Payment was made.

Sitting in the hotel crying because she was used. The night was not about enjoying real-time. The goal was to get Payment in full.

Making photos of people requires trusts. My model provides me with the opportunity to record a moment.

When I make a picture of a location or an object, you to feel as if you can reach out touch it or even become part of the picture its self for a moment.

Please for my ego. Let me know what you would like to see and look at what I make.


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