Little Angel's

Look at these two innocent little creatures. Then tell me could they do anything wrong?

Do they look like the kind of children that kept the birds in the neighborhood under control?

How could a name like Mental Mark Have been bestowed upon that little Imp? Or the crazy short cut of MM.

Give me a break. They were the good Brooks in the area. Now another family with the same last name lived on the other side of 67th street. It was Sonny, Joe, Belton, and Sug.

Now they were the bad kids and these two wonderful kids got all the blame. It was bad press I tell you. Fake news.

Anyway when this photo was taken they followed most of the rules.

1955 Stevie and Markie doodle.

This morning I had planned to go out detecting. Gerda is going to work at Oxfam in Würzburg. They sell used clothing and stuff to help people all over the world. She gets paid Zero but has a good time doing it.

Maybe I might go out later but right now I really have to think about it. It is very cold but that is not the real problem.

Yesterday afternoon I got a special treat. Something from the Oven. Pumpkin.... It tasted so good and I ate my fill. Maybe it had a little much olive oil in this dish.

When you were to hook me up to the Russian gas pipeline I think I would be able to heat all the homes in Germany for a week.

I thought I was going to die or that maybe that I had caught that virus from the cows on the field. This morning doing the two-step it seems like I best stay home.

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