Moo Do you LOVE

27 November 2020

My new detecting project was started 24 November 2020. I got out to the meadow early on Tuesday. Fog hung in the air and the grass was covered with pretty white frost. On the field, I saw in advance the flat round soft cow patties that if possible I wanted to avoid stepping in. That is not an easy thing not to do. Looking around I saw no cows.

We staked out the area we were going to start with three 20 x 20 x 20 x 20 sections. One for each of us. Paul, Mike and me. We even used the GPS to ensure that we did not wander off into the forbidden zone.

On the first day, not much was found. Four coins total plus lots of foil. It should not have been like more stuff should have come up, I will have to find out why later.

The others left before me. It was not yet dark so I thought I get a few more swings in.

When it was time to go home the moo-cows started to come around. They were wondering what I was doing. I rolled up the yellow guidelines on the stakes and thought I might leave them in place then tomorrow so that I would not have to remeasure.

As I got the last line ready to stick back in the ground I looked over at the cows. Three of them had licked the yellow rope and pulled the stake out of the ground and were walking around with the rope. I saw that was a bad idea leaving the ropes out. It might be that they would eat the rope and then.............. I would have to pull it out of the cows ______. No, no we don't even want to think about that. I marked the spots with sticks and put the lines back in my box. The next day I brought with me wooden stakes that I could leave. The Tent sakes had to go.

The next day, I went out in the morning alone. It was cold my new supper dupper waterproof boots really kept my toes warm. I restrung the yellow rope and marking the area that was assigned to me. The stuff I found the entire day was deep junk. I did find one old old gaming coin. See the picture above. :) Also I dug up two horseshoes and a few ox shoes too.

At one hole that was extra deep, I was digging thinking about other things, like what could this be you know that It is like a box of chocolate in every hole. Suddenly a chill made me shiver the hair on the back of my neck stood right up the air on my face was like a hot blast of wind.

I slowly looked up I felt a long pink Tongue lick the side of my face.

Looking into those soft brown eyes with the long sexy eyelashes and the soft pink nose it was clear that in an earlier life we must have known each other. As I said Moo do you, Love. It is as it is I said to the pretty lady of the meadow.

When you have time please look around this website. +++


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