My Reason for making this website.

Have you ever felt caged and not have a way out of that depression? You need to break free and do something you have never done before.

This website is getting me out of my cage and setting me free. My ego is being taken care of and I can try to write and some people even read and comment on it too.

Most important for me is I can show the world my work. In the process maybe some people that enjoy it enough to own it.

People around the world at this time are hurting and out of work without money to pay the rent or even pay for food. Goal is really just to show what I make. Maybe just seeing some of it will make them happy.

However, the little salesman inside of me keeps screaming let me out let me out.

Sales are like Sex after you have tasted it you just can't stop.

I started sales at an early age Here is some of the sales jobs I have had.

It started with Japanese Wild Iris that my bother Steve, dug up the flowers at an old homestead in the woods. Every house on Switzer Lane still has plants that were started with out flowers. I think it was $1.50 a dozen and that included planting.

( Steve did not Sell )

Then I advanced to flower seeds selling them door by door.

Next, Steve would make homemade jewelry and send me out to sell it door to door.

One time I was set out by my brother to sell in front of the Vans Grocery store in Shawnee.

The presentation was .Excuse me , You would like to help children that have had polio wouldn't you? Please invest in some on my beautiful handmade jewelry. The one with the red stone it would really look good on you. ( show sad eyes)

We were not lying Steve did have polio and got over it. :) The sales presentation worked really well until the neighbor lady called mom. Told here where I was and what I was doing.

It could be the thing that upset her most was I was wearing the proper clothing for the emotional sales. Barefoot, Holes in Jeans, dirty T-shirt a dirty face and feet. It is call dressing for success.

Next I sold Fluffy Fresh Donuts door to door. I earned 12 cents for a dozen and 6 cents for a half dozen. That job ended when one of the kids got hit by lighting.

The list goes on. Vacuum Cleaners, Books, Pizza, T-shirts, Beer, Wine, Advertainments then Interior Products like , Curtains and furniture.

Okay, Now you have the background of why I must try to sell something it is in my blood.

The real reason for the page is that I want you to see what I make and to let me know what you think. When you like my work and can fit it into your budget order something. It will make you happy and me too.

Also when you like my work please share it with people you know. Maybe my work is a little strange however most of the time it is harmless.

Try it you'll like it and be glad you did. Talk to me and let me know what you think.

Sometimes you have to try a few frogs until you get your Prince Charming at last.

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