It is not getting any better. 2020 Nov 16

My World Zwischen Realität und Traum

Do people really think that this Coronavirus is fake that it is the hoax-covid-19 of the century?

Hospitals around the globe are full. Caregivers are getting sick. Countries are being put into lockdown. Doctor's at Hospitals are having sort out patients saying who gets treatment and who not. That is saying they have to make the choice of who is going to live and who is going to die.

Still, we have selfish people thinking only of themselves refusing to ware mask. Many making parties and putting others at risk.

We are right to shame, fine maybe even lock up these offenders that take it upon themselves to go against the health professionals that are trying to stop the pandemic from killing more of us.

Here is my message to some who have passed.

You have met your fate.

It is late,

Laying on the slab your next for the lab,

A refrigerator mobile morgue parked outside has a spot for you too.

Maybe for your your family and friends can also find a little space,

Yes, you infected them all,

You had to go to church, take part in that event, and had to be the star of that corona party,

It was a choice to not wear a mask and not following the guidelines,

You are dead,

Don't you feel silly now?

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