Today, my blog it is not about your normal everyday rainbow in the sky rainbow but the greatest little sucker of a vacuum cleaner you ever never bought but would love to own.

A salesman is not born every minute but when one is you cannot keep him away from your door when he is good. It is also hard to say NO.

It was my goal to be one of those. During high school, I gave the Rainbow Vacuum cleaner door-to-door sales a try. The presentation is burned into my mind even now. Most of the time I am not sure what day it is and sometimes what year. But this I own.

Rainbow was a type of network marketing system. We worked off referrals. A trick on the salesman. He or she was to go to 5 families that he knew demonstrate the unit just to ( practice ) The company assumed your friends and family would want to help you get started and buy a vacuum. My problem was all of the people I knew at that moment could not afford a $500.00 vacuum in 1969. Or I did not think they could. That was my problem.

In time a salesman knows what to say and what not to say. Below I will give you some tips on what not to fall for.

Mr. and Mrs. Jones, the Rainbow 🌈 is built on a water-air system. No Bags and no dust going back onto your floor and into the air like the vacuum you are using now. Dirt is sucked in goes directly into the space age plastic water container on the bottom at the bottom of the unit. The dirt says in the container but the air is clean washed air and your room smells like just after an afternoon shower. When the sun is out after a summer shower you see a rainbow sometimes and that is where your vacuum cleaner gets its name. ( they own it now for the moment )

Mr. and Mrs. Jones are sitting on the couch leaning forward-thinking about how nice it would be to have one of these.

Mrs. Jones, this unit even makes other things that you will love to use. You can put this tablet in the water tank and as you clean or just let it run then your entire house can smell like flowers. That really smells good Mrs. Jones You would like to have this fragrance in your home everyday wouldn't you Mrs. Jones. Plus your home will be spotless for your husband comes home.

After, going over the unit and knowing they really want it , you say. Mrs. Jones, you can see yourself using a Rainbow. This great cleaner would be helpful in your everyday cleaning wouldn't it Mrs. Jones, and Mr. Jones you would like it to make your wife's job easier wouldn't you?

(He cannot say no because he would not get any for the next two weeks and he knows it.)

Then you say. That is the end of my presentation thank you very much for your time. ( they think they are off the hook) Mrs. Jones you would really like to have this Rainbow, wouldn't you? Mr. Jones, you want her to have it too. Here is the order from just sign here and I will get your brand new Rainbow Vacuum cleaner out of my car right now.

I have a few more answers for this when they have any doubt. But I have typed too much already.

The presentation would work most of the time. However, once I placed a unit with a newly married pair that had no carpet, she was getting ready to have a baby looking around I saw they could not afford $500.00 or the $5.00 a month. Heck, he was lucky to earn $100.00 a week. They bought it. The next day I felt really bad went back and tried to get it back. No they wanted to keep it. That was the last rainbow I sold.

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