Updated: Dec 11, 2021

For 13 years I detected on the Schwanberg. With permission and permits to search for artifacts from prehistory.

How ever new laws and a new management changed all of that. Now the mountain is off-limits. At least part of it is.

The Church on Schwanberg wanted to and did open a graveyard that takes up a large area of the top of the mountain. Archaeologists were brought in to tell them if they would be allowed to place the urn graveyard on the top. A few strips were dug out and they found nothing? It was said that the guy with the metal detectors got it all..( that was me) ........... We all know better than that. Using this screwed up report of fake news, a wonderful place was made where when you die you can be dropped in a hole in a cardboard urn and nourish the trees. This is where I will go when the time comes. No one has to visit the grave to put flowers on it. No stone is placed on the gave you just sort of melt away.

November was always a great time to detect. Good Finds always happened.

I always felt that when you had a Card to show people it made a better impression so that I could get more places to search. The LFD was not really happy about that. Something about not liking the metal detector on the card.

Above is a historical picture that documents the dig. I am the one in the middle picture with the funny hat.

The Bronze axes are from around 1500 BC. This hoard was deposited on an old stone age wall. Twenty years earlier the archeologist from the LFD had made a dig just 20 meters from this spot.

This hoard was the first one that was turned in by anyone using a detector in Unterfranken.

However, after this one, I turned in many more.


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