Shawnee Drive-In Movies

Dusting off my gray cells I have thought about the many hours of joy that came from going to the movies at the Shawnee Drive-In. It was a type of school for many of us growing up. Many new families had the first spark of life planted at the drive-in.

Today with all the bad things going on in the world. I do not think it would be a good idea to do like my parents did way back then.

My first Drive-In Movie memories really make me smile. ( My last ones do too but that could be another story. Maybe with a password.)

It was nifty you know, The funny sound of the speakers. On the hot Kansas summer nights, the bugs ate you up after the sun went down. Running barefooted over the gravel down to the playground in front of the big screen, your parents were talking in the car waiting for the show to start. Then during intermission going to the concession stand alone to get ice cream or some popcorn and who could forget the smell of the bathroom.

However, the night I most remember was the night the Zulu Warrior movie was playing.

Steve and I had to go to the bathroom when the Zulu Warriors were charging. It was dad's job to take us.

But at that moment he did not want to miss one dead Zulu.

Did you know that My father's favorite drink was always 7up?

So he did not have to miss any of the action on the screen, he handed us an empty 7up bottle and said do it in this.

So we did. Bad Mistake.

About ten more minutes into the movie as spears were flying in the air after we had filled up the bottle. Dad reaches back grabbed the warm bottle of 7up and took a few deep gulps.

It did not take long before the warning went off in his fatherly brain that something was not completely right. ☞ His tastebuds started to protest.

Spitting and sputtering he threw the speaker out the car window. Turned on the lights and drove home not saying a word.

We will never know who won in that movie.

Don't forget kids get in free at the Shawnee Drive-in.

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