Sounding Off

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

It has been said that it is better to be pissed off than pissed on. However, it really makes you sad when both happen at the same time.

Ladies, have you ever wondered why your husband says less and less to you the longer you are married?

Think about it awhile. Your husband may have owned his own business or worked someplace where he must organize everything and even think on his own. Could it be that at one time he was a responsible person? What IN THE world happened to change him? Or have that right taken away?

It is true he has something to say, he would love to talk. However, to avoid being told how to do something, when to do something, then one way or the other he is told that he is wrong. He just keeps his mouth shut, or acts like he did not hear you.

When something needs to be done in or around the house. Men, it is best just to hire someone to come and do the job. When your wife comes to the point that she thinks something could or should be changed. The conversation can go on for months. It is looked at in 5 or 6 different ways and then the words are said. ( watch out, it's a trap) Honey do you think how do you want to do it? Get an expert. That is anyone that lives outside of your house, Neighbor, Freind, the postman, the kid down the street anyone.

Men, Do not I repeat do not fall for that. The answer to the question, Honey how do you think we should do it. Is, Gee I do not know dear, it would be nice the way you have it planned, but maybe we should ask someone else and then hire someone to make it.

If you attempt to say something else the entire process starts again.

Guys, you are not really saving anything when you do the job yourself. Do not buy any parts at the hardware store. The stress is not worth it.

I am sorry to say, Sometimes you just have to get pissed off, then live with it for a few days, weeks, months, and hear about it every night when you go to bed.

Every wonder ladies why your husband had that affair? He was just looking for someone that said he was doing something right.

I should not have written this maybe however you need to know why I am upset.

Here was my challenge.

Today It is ice cold outside. This was not a problem I just want to set the mood.

We have a 10-meter string of battery-powered Christmas lights, I say just 10 meters, that I had planned to put on a bush outside. Simple? I even bought them myself after all of the info on the box was read to me two times and the lights were put back on the store shelf twice and then I got the wink of approval.

Her first question was. Do we set the timer for 6 or 9 hours? I say 9 hours she says 6 hours, I say OK, she says but maybe the lights should be on longer...

As I was going out the door with the lights in my hand, She sprung that question.

How are you going to hang them? Keep the battery box off the ground we do not want it to get wet. Put the box on the grid over the basement window. That I would have done just for her however we are missing another 10 meters of cable to do the job.

It is true should have followed my own advice and hired someone to hang the lights. But 50 euros an hour to hire an expert electrician. Even for me was a little out of my price range to hang up 10 meters of Christmas lights costing 14 euros, which were supposed to be hung on a bush. I assumed this simple task would take about 5 minutes and a big discussion was not needed.

I have a secret. I did something on my own.

I hung the battery box in the bush............

Tonight I will find out if we are going to hire the electrician to redo my job.

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