The Big Bang

Yes, it is true in Germany we have the 4th of July too. That has to sound funny to you. But often I have been asked if we have the 4th of July in Germany, by my friends from across the pond. My answer is yes we do.

The other day I told you about coupons and Van's Grocery store. I will now add a little to the Story of Van's.

One of Dicks relatives and he had a lot of them, a few weeks before the American National Holiday on the 4th of July, always set up a fireworks tent in Van's parking lot.

He had everything on top of the table, Black Cats, twisters, snakes, sparklers bottle rockets, and everything that makes a little kid's heart go boom. Under the table, he had things like cherry bombs, big silver cracker balls, bulldogs, and M8 80s. Plus other things that make big kids and little kids' fingers and eyes go away with a boom.

One year, in the local paper a coupon placed in an ad that said if you have a current receipt from the Van's Grocery Store that is over $30.00 ( think it was ) you could with the coupon get $5.00 worth of free fireworks at the fireworks tent.

To put things in perspective $100.00 in 1963 with today's inflationary times would be $846.06. Value of 1963 US Dollars today - Inflation calculator (

It is true we were young bright Boys, you could think that we were going places in life. Like maybe jail?

First, we went to all the neighbors in and around our neighborhood begging. Asking for this one particular paper, if they had not thrown it out already. We got lots of them and cut out all of the firework coupons very neatly.

For a week, we bagged for free and pushing the carts out to the car too! At Van's groceries asking each customer if we could please have the receipt if they did not need it.

You can bet we had an overkill that year with fireworks. Getting ready for the Big Bangs with someone else's buck.

Again this was an undercover operation that Mom did not know about. Sorry, Mom when you are reading this. You just did not have the need to know.

In our basement, Steve had a shuffleboard electric bowling game. when you unlocked the top of the game and lifted the lid you had a lot of space to put stuff. We filled the shuffleboard almost all the way to the top.

Then we waited for the 4th of July to come.

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