The curtain has been raised.

Now you can see the truth when you care to look.

It is not surprising what is going down in the United States of America right now.

Years ago Russia said they would bury us. Not all people paid attention to that warning. Those that did have forgotten, died, gotten too old, or assumed everything would be ok.

Everyone in our world is important we all have our part to play. As always some think that they are more important than others. Many are not happy with where they are on the food chain. So they search for someone else to blame for the lot in life they are stuck in. Wanting to feel important they put the blame on everyone else and are determined, to remove what they see as the problem by any means. The few scavengers on the top rotting pile want more power they will do anything to get it.

Anyone who is not on the same sheet of music who looks different, or who they think might be better than they themselves are, could be a possible target. Many ways can be invented to justify going after those that are citizens because of religion, political association, or ethnic background.

How could this happen in America the land of the free and the home of the brave?

Some of my thoughts are, our television and movies are made to teach us and our children wars, murders, the bad guys, and all of the underside of our ( civilized ) world is the way it is everywhere It teaches us how to be nasty, rude, and to show no respect for anyone or anything. Makebelieve Hollywood stories become truth and the truth is disregarded. It becomes Fake News.

In many parts of the world war is a way of life. Has our news mostly stopped reporting about the wars, the pain, and the refugees that are trying to escape? When it is shown on TV it is just like a movie. So we stopped caring if we ever did. You really can't be bothered with starving people that are over there it could never ever happen in the United States of America. After all, we are Americans.

Could this PG-rated movie really start to play in the United States of America this weekend?

We are a warring nation if we what to admit it or not. Our children learn on computers how to kill without pain to themselves and others. Later I assume it makes it easier to do the job without feeling. It is something that becomes normal.

Four years ago a man was put into the highest job in the USA. From the beginning, looking from outside the borders of the USA, I could see the writing on the wall. People around the world and in the USA who could see it too. Everyone was criticized for not having respect for the man in the highest office in the land in the greatest nation on earth.

The truth turned to alternative facts. The news became fake and if you did not agree to follow blindly you were not loyal a communist or something else.

It has become normal, to use gutter words in our everyday speech and insult people for any reason we feel like.

Respect is now another word for obeying not questioning. In the Army, we were told when you see something wrong you should report it. Who do you report it to without having the ceiling fall down on your own head?

The virus came at just the right time to start the power take over and to kill democracy . People have lost hope, they do not have a job, no money to pay the rent or buy food. Everything is falling apart.

Now some groups see it is their chance to take charge to be important or maybe have revenge. After all, they know what has to be done to make everything better, right?

We do have hope.

A new president has been voted in and he is not filling all of the important positions in the government with family members and underlings that will say yes to everything they are told.

As I see it the new talent wants to make it better for all of the people that have been left out of the American dream for so many years.

The new people are from many different backgrounds and ethnic backgrounds. This scares people that have been programmed to follow the direction and filled with destructive propaganda. Feeling inferior they now think they have the chance to get a better station in life for themselves and their families. Some people do not want to change. They do not want anyone to have it better than they have it right now. Change hurts!

Some of those people voted in by the people for the people to serve the country and do what is right for all the people, are part of a plot to take over the country. We have betrayal, treason, treachery from the highest office in the land into the United States Senate, congress all the way down to the police.

The enemy is not at the moment coming from outside the borders of the United States but from within. They have infiltrated the United States of America at every level. The enemy has become us.

I know that a man is only as good as his word and that holds true for a country.

I am an American that has lived in the USA most of my life and feel that I am a representative of the good that is in America. If I lived in the USA would I too fall for this vile deathwish that has been pushed on the nation? Having worked all of my adult life for and around the US Government I have a great feeling of respect for the good things our government has done. At one time when we had a large US Military here in Germany, it felt like I was just living in another part of America. They just talked funny and had good beer here.

America has made bad choices at times when it comes to world politics.

Being guided by loyal citizens trying to keep the world stable. It was not always America First. We were a country that helped keep the world stable and gave it direction.

America has been and will be again the brightest star of hope in the world.

Don't give up hope, take charge, and take control. Consider if what you are doing is the right thing to do. Protect yourself and Do what is right.

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