The Hallburg #1

A few days ago I told you about a new project.

Soon I will go into more detail for you.

The weather has been very cold however still the ground is not frozen.

I have only been out to this location 5 times now.

The area is being searched systematically. in 20 Meter x 20 meter sections. Until now nothing came up that was of any importance or funny to find.

Yesterday both happened. The above picture is a Celtic AXE. I have reported the find already to the LFD and we shall see what those results are soon. So far it has been positive. I have also reported it to the landowner.

This project is going to be a big one and my goals are to save the history of the Hallburg for the next generation. None of the artifacts new or old am I planning on keeping for myself.

Frist because history belongs to everyone and the other big problem is what to do with all of the artifacts that are found. It took me many years to accept this concept.

I have a case of prehistory artifacts that will be donated to the State Museum as soon as the archeologist can travel and we can arrange a transfer.

The fun find was this Heart. It has to be confirmed but it looks like old silver to me.

As I dig I will give you more info on the project as it goes along.

The Heart.

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