The Hallburg Project 15 December 2020

These are my hunting partners. I have to watch when I get down to find out what was dug out. Sneaky ladies, I can tell you that.

14 December 2020

Was a good day to detect. The sun was out it but it was cold. After many holes and only a few good objects. At the end of the day, I was ready to go home.

The hardest part of detecting for me is to stay in an area and not wander off to another section. On a field that was just plowed it is easy to stay in line, I just have to work a little bit to the right or left of my footprints. In the woods, you normally wander around until you find a good spot then you search that area. However, on a meadow that is covered with COW patties. It is easy to get a little off your line without some kind of markings.

Did you know that cows swallow metal and spit it out the other end? I had to check it out and it is true. They really like aluminum foil.

The area that covers the project is very large. It will take months if not years to search it correctly. I make grids of the section the areas off. On the ground, the area before the search is marked with a yellow rope. The lines are 20 meters apart. On the field, I mark the area with wooden stakes and layout the rope. The line is laid in a 20 x 20-meter square. Then a lane is made and marked with the width of the swing I make with the detector. Each time I finished one lane. The lane ropes are moved and searching is started again. This way I cover the entire area.

As they say, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. It is the same with, detecting. It could always be better in another spot. So that is why I need control of myself.

For me, it takes about 3 hours to do a 20 x 20 section the first time. Below is the area that has been searched so far.

Today, I did not go out only for a few reasons. I need to clean up and make photos of what was found yesterday. But tomorrow is another day.

Note. I must stay two hundred meters away from the forbidden zone.

The colored areas have been searched. GPS is used to measure the area and to mark the spots of the important recoveries.

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