The Neighbor was a snitch. part 3

Dawn had just broken. The folks were asleep. With a jolt, Dad jumped out of bed. Bang! Bang! Bang! BOOM! Thinking he was back in the war he was confused. His fogged mind slowly cleared. His first words of the morning were, Who the ******** would let their kids shoot off firecrackers at this time of the morning?

Moments later the telephone rang. It was the neighbor............. again. Geroge the neighbor yells over the phone! Make those darn kids of yours stop shooting those ***** things off! We are trying to sleep over here!

Peaking out the bedroom window behind the curtains, Dad saw Steve light a big cherry bomb. BOOM and the house windows rattled.

Dad yells out the window! You get your ****** ass in here right now.

It was going to be another Dark day for Steve.

Lucky Me, with my halo on and my impish smile I scoot in the door.

Steve had not been allowed me to shoot any of the fireworks that morning. So I should have been in the clear this time.

We were sat right down on the living room couch.

Steve was informed that he would not be allowed to shoot off any fireworks this year. He better not get caught doing so, either! You can be sure that he was not caught again that day.

Steven was ticked off about the fireworks ban. Worse was for him, all his fireworks were to be given to me. Dad said give them all to your little brother.

Half of the loot was loaded into a few of those big brown grocery bags. The rest was secured to be resold at a later date. Coming up from the basement I had a big smile on my face. Gee, I could hardly wait until dad said it is ok to go out and make some noise.

All-day I was in firecracker shooter heaven. The cherry bombs and M8 80'S were not all given to me. Those were saved for later adventures. Steve never knew when he would need a few laughs. I got a few to make it look like they were all gone. you just never know when you will need a few Cherry Bomb. I was given a few to make it look good.

Did you ever get tired of blowing off fireworks? I did. All of them had to be shot off before I went to bed. Or they were going to be thrown in the trash. After the 4th of July, we were not allowed to get caught shooting them.

My mouth tasted awful and I was getting a headache from the smoke I had ingested, my fingers were black covered with powder.

Steve was not happy. I was down at the bottom of his favorite brother list.

After it got dark outside. The family sat out in the back yard on lawn chairs. Bugs were eating up the folks and tonight I was the center attraction, Me the mild-mannered little guy Mr. Perfect was getting ready to present a wonderful fireworks display for all of them. Perhaps it would be the greatest backyard firework show that the world had ever seen.

One roman candle was lit after another. Poof aw Poof Aw. Over and over again.

Then we had lots of those big and small fountains too along with other fancy stuff.

Now the grand ending moments were about to take place everyone had been waiting for it to get over. Yes, you are right it was time for everyone's favorite penny exploding bottle rockets, at last. My plan was to light them one at a time.

Dad was starting to get pissed off. Not being able to stand it any longer.

He yelled at me. Just how many of those **** ** ***** do you still have? The neighbors could hear him too? Shame for Shame.

Just a bag full I whimpered.

Go get them and bring those ****** ****** to me he spoke in a low commanding voice.

So I did. It was a big old paper grocery bag filled with 6 bundles of 144 bottle rockets each.

He Said. ****

Here let me take care of this now! He yelled in a very booming voice.

Dad went into the basement and got two big metal buckets. Unpacked the bottle rockets and placed them in the buckets, rocket stems down heads up. With a torch made from a rolled-up newspaper, dad went down to the buckets filled up with those little old bottle rockets.

Taking out his Zippo, we could hear the famous Zippo Click. The newspaper was lit.

In anticipation, we watched as the first rockets started to sputter and shoot fire. Jumping back about 5 feet dad put his hands on his hips and watched. The ROCKETS CAME ALIVE. He wasn't standing long.

Those little rockets started to sputter lighting up the backyard and the sky too, woosh, woosh taking off in all directions at once. High up into the air, sideways, crashing into the windows and the red burning rockets falling down on the neighbor's wooden roof. It was a sight to behold. Dad fell on his stomach and covered his head it looked like he was praying laying in the grass feeding the chiggers. The rest of us ran for cover.

That was some 4th Of July. You Betcha by Golly, Wow

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