The Rockets Still Glared

As you have already learned the shuffleboard table was packed full of Fourth of July fireworks. It was forbidden for us to shoot off firecrackers. We had instructions from the head office! No FireWorks until the 4th.

However, we did have a stash we could get to in case of an emergency.

Maybe a couple of hundred bottle rockets or so. It was in the days of those well-known bottle rocket wars.

The good guys on one side with no rockets and us on the other side. It was not easy aiming and shooting those little old rockets. Of course, we did not use bottles as launch pads.

The rocket was lit and we tossed it at the intended enemy. This is how real men did it. Hey just watch this.

With my left hand filled with a fist full of rockets and my right hand holding the punk used to like those little guys. It really took concentration to hit the target. I would light the rocket aim and let it go. In the heat of battle I transferred the little bottle rocket to my left hand and the punk I tossed away to take off......... But it didn't


The rocket just placed in my left hand started to spit and sputter fire it just took off or tired to as I held on to the bundle. Along with the hand full of bottle rockets ready to fly out and blow up with a bang.

Looking down at my hand I could not let go, it seemed like a long time.

Afterward, It was difficult not to tell or show the parents what had happened. The hair on my hand did grow back. Today I have no outside scars from this experience.

We only had a few more days until the big day. THE 4TH OF JULY.

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