The Shots Rang out...... BANG BANG BANG

4 December 2020

As you might know my dad during WWll was in the United States Navy. He belonged to the CB's. Dad said they went in first to clear the way so the bad Marines could hit the beach and take all of the credit. Dad's foe besides the Navy officers was the Japanese. My father was just a kid when he went in and his mother thought that he would never come back.

One of our neighbors had brought home from Japan a war bride. Dad was not so impressed he did not say much about it.

On a hot summer evening, our entire family sat around the dinner table enjoying our meal.

The windows were open because we did not have an air-conditioner and Summers are really hot in Kansas.

As we were munching our corn on the cob. A Japanese curdling scream pierced the air. The gunshots. BANG BANG BANG

Looking at my brother Steve with my big brown innocent eyes, I smiled. Steven too had a funny smirk on his face just when dad looked at him. Steve knew he was going to get that elf smile taken off really soon. Dad looked at me then he looked at me again. Holding a laugh back he asked what did you boys do?

It is really simple. This is sort of how Steve explained what went down.

The house that the neighbor lived in has no basement. It had a crawl space where all kinds of crawly things lived. Spiders, Snakes, funny bugs, and thousands of baby toads.

These were I am talking about little, little baby toads. It must have been the toad's motherload of all time. The world has never seen such a gathering of tiny toads.

Stevie made me crawl under the house and collect a bucket of those little hop toads.

Lucky for us the man and his wife had left and the house was empty. In those days we did not have to lock the house when we left or at least the kitchen window at this house was open. It just had the screen.

If I were taller Steve would have made it my job to open the window and pour the little toads into the kitchen sink. This time he had to do it himself.

We think what happened was that the neighbor lady came home alone. Going into the kitchen she turned the water on. Those little biddy toad guys just got all excited and started jumping out of the kitchen drain. Then we heard the scream and the Bang Bang Band.

Mother was shocked! Dad looked at us very hard and said in a low voice and a little twinkle in his eyes, YOU BOYS GO TO YOUR ROOM DO NOT EVER DO ANYTHING LIKE THIS AGAIN: I will be in to talk with you later about his.

He never came in for this one Father Son's talk. Strange I always wondered why not.

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