To much news

My World Zwischen Realität und Traum

Are you as numb as I should be from hearing all of the news from around the world?

The newsrooms fix themselves to one problem and bombard the daily news with that one subject until we cannot hear it any longer.

How much pain can we stand to see before we either just turn off the news, try to help, or just kill ourselves so we do not have to watch others suffer?

Everything is like a big TV show that comes into our living room that we can just press the button and it is gone.

What has happened with the recent world challenges? Fires in the world. What is going on with the families how are they making it? They will for sure have a screwed up holiday season where are they living? What are our street people in Tent Cities doing? How did those awful storms affect the people around the world? Boatloads of refugees drowning in the ocean while others are beaten and some are turned into slaves.

Have we forgotten that these are people? Or that it is not a movie. When you walk by a homeless person do you feel guilty and turn and look the other way or go across the street?

I know I do sometimes.

We are told everything is Fake or Alternative Facts!

As I see it when we knew the whole truth we would be so depressed that we would kill ourselves.

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