Treasure 101 A

It is time for my confession. Yes, it is true I am a metal detecting junkie.

If we were in a room of Treasure hunters that were hooked, about this time everyone would say.

Hello Mark.

In 1977 I dug my first coin in Germany. Over the years I have dug up my share of trash. However, much of the real artifacts ended up in museums and written up in archeology books. M.Brooks as finder pops up often in the ln the Bayern archeology books. Wait! that is not a German name people ask who is this.

I was dry for a time and did not go out. Some people said I could not go out any longer and I believed them. All of my permits were taken away it was a very sad day. However, it was something positive to happen to me. Because all of my time thoughts and desires were caught up in this one challenge. To go out and find the most prehistory that I could.

Yes, being told this lie was good for me. I focused on being the best salesman that I could be. So I was still treasure hunting but searching for another type of treasure that I had to find.

Then one day it happened. Fifty meters from my back door a new housing development was being made. I went out to look and I saw the black spots and pottery where the earth had been moved.

The first thing I did was make pictures and call the archeologist at the LFD. That day they came out and stopped the construction. Many people that wanted to bu

ild houses were not pleased with me.

I asked permission to look just in the piles of dirt and that was given to me. I played around and did not find anything but nails. But then I did find one Gold 20 Mark Coin from 1873.

That started it again. Once a junkie always a junkie.

Can you think how unhappy it makes you have a Hallstadt village just outside your door and not be able to detect it? I can look two hundred meters away. But still, it is not the same.

When you have time please look at the rest of my website. Have a good day and tomorrow I plan to go out did in the dirt and the snow.

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