Turkey Day in the US of A

26 November 2020

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Thanksgiving is the biggest holiday in the USA.

Do you have something to be thankful for? A few million people have lost jobs or worse have died because of the Corona Virus and many more are going to die.

People do not have money to pay the mortgage or by food. Thousands upon thousands who might have been against helping others with food stamps or other social help are now themselves picking up food at the food banks. It is very humbling and is sure to put them in a different mindset when this is all over.

In the USA we have so many homeless people. They live in the streets, in tents and cars.

What is wrong with this picture. America is not supposed to have these problems.

The United States of America is split between parties and some would rather fight than to try and improve the situation.

We know now, even when we knew before but did not want to see it. Ethnic cultures are not treated equally.

Our news we get is focused on one thing at a time and we get pounded with that day in and day out. Newscasters instead of telling the news try to change our minds and get us to think the way they think that we should.

My question was do you have something to be thankful for. I got off the track. Sorry.

Yes if you are reading this you do.

We are alive and we can improve the situation one step at a time.

First, maybe we should start treating others like we want to be treated.

Look for the positive points of what is going on around you.

Be helpful to others no matter what social status you think they are at. It only takes a second for us to go from well off to down and out poor.

Talk to others, not at them.

Right the wrongs the best that you can.

Lend a hand.

Stop using nasty words that are used on TV and on the streets.

Hear good music get yourself is an uplifted attitude. As the song says. Always look on the Bright side of life.

This is getting too long.

But I want to tell you a story.

In 1971 I was tramping around North America. Long hair a backpack and a little passing thru patch on the knee of my jeans. On this, on Thanksgiving, I was in the deep south.

In some of these southern states, it was best to just keep on trucking.

Thanksgiving morning I arrived in Jacksonville Florida. Along the highway was one of those little hotels. In my pocket, I had only a few dollars but enough to get a room for the day.

The hotel was owned by a black man. This, I did not think anything at all for me it was a place to rest and get cleaned up. Don't forget this 1971 and it was the south. According to some, I should have just kept walking. That I was in the wrong place for a white boy.

Walking into the lobby I got a few strange looks from the owner, always I got strange looks and did not think anything about it this time. The man asked me politely how may I help you, sir? Looking around and not seeing anyone else is had to assume he was talking to me.

Then I explained to him that I would like to have a room for Thanksgiving, I paid him the cash and he gave me the room key.

After taking a shower I got dressed in my best traveling garments laid on the bed and started to watch TV. Thinking about how best to prepare my Thanksgiving dinner, In my backpack, I had some instant rice, instant oatmeal, and one or two cans of something or other.

As I was heating up the hot water someone was knocking at my door. The family had prepared for me a Thanksgiving Feast that couldn't be beaten. The owner had sent his teenage daughter to my room with the meal. This Thanksgiving I will never forget.

So. Be thankful, take a chance, take control, but never take it easy. If you do you will never get anyplace.

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