Where do treasure hunters go when they die?

My World Zwischen Realität und Traum

No trees to talk about. It could be a beautiful meadow. No bugs in the summer or maybe just a few. The grass has to be kept short, maybe by a heard of cows. Easy digging, you cut a plug in the sandy ground to find the artifact and put the dirt and grass back as you found it. (Almost). Maybe you will even have a fortress in the distance about 200 meters away. Of course the view is really outstanding and last but not lease you can drive to the spot get out of your car climb the fence and start searching.

I will not name the spot so that other people will not be tempted to dig a few holes.

However, Yesterday I received permission to hunt this prime location.

Afterwards, I spent 5 hours out in the cold making my first walkabout. When I left for home I was happy.

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