No one knows what he was thinking. Maybe no one ever knew what he was thinking. Yes we will never know what he was thinking. Walking down into that dark basement barefoot.

He did not stub his toe or run into the metal pole used to hold up the floor but something did happen that night it might have ended a brilliant Science discovery.

Advancing slowly in the dark barefooted the cold basement cement floor chilled his feet. Dad could hear and feel a faint mussy crunch like tiny shattered bones. Between his toes, he had a warm wet fuzzy feeling. Reaching out into the dark finding the light switch he turned on the light! Looking down at his feet. My father yelled.................. STEVEN EARL!

It all started out as a 7th-grade science project when steve was attending Hockergrove Jr. High. Steve got 4 pairs of rats to conduct important experiments with. You know like getting them drunk on Vodka and watch them try to run the maze. They really liked to drink that Vodka and dad never missed it anyway.

Those four rats had lots of babies. Then those babies also had lots of babies. Need I say more you get the idea? Steve build cages and made those guys a happy home in the basement. Until that one night slipping out of the cage somehow one poor unfortunate hairless BLIND baby fell to the floor. That is how it all got started.

Steve was given the order to get those rats out of the house tomorrow and they better be gone when dad got back from work!

In our woods, Steve and his friends had built a huge platform treehouse out of borrowed lumber. At the time it seemed at the time to be the perfect place to let his friends go free.

That night it turned cold, I am are talking really really freeze your nose off cold. Steve woke thinking about his poor rats. He got dressed took some cages, some food and headed out to the treehouse to save his little friends with long skinny tails and little pink eyes.

Some of the little ones had hurried off into the woods for new adventures. Yet many of the fat ones that looked like it was time to have more babies were still hanging around waiting for something to eat. Gathering all of the rats he could Steve climbed down and headed to a new home for those little critters.

The empty pink rental house at the end of our street looked like great temporary housing until dad would change his mind and let the little guys back in the house. Finding an unlocked window it was raised and the remaining rats about 20 or so were dumped on the floor in this great new place along with lots of food.

You know I do not know what happened after that. Other than Steve going onto bigger and better things. However, the house stayed vacant for an extra-long time. The rats never got to come back to our basement again. Latter I was allowed to have one hooded rat of my own but that is another story.

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