Zulu Warriors

Not long ago you learned how good homemade 7up is and about the great time we always had at the Shawnee Drive Inn.

However, This is the rest of the story.

Steve was 4 years older than me. He had all the good ideas I got to take part in the fancy games that he came up with. If I wanted him to play with me at all.

The night at the Shawnee Drive Inn, you learned that we the movie we when to see with Mom and Dad was................. Zulu Warriors.

Sounds harmless?

Steve had two long bamboo poles. Steve said that these were our spears. Of course, one end on both spears must be sharpened. Everyone knows that they have to be sharp so they stick in the ground and things.

For a while, it was fun throwing the spears got boring. Why not try to catch them he said.

With the might of Mighty Mouse Steve hurled his trusty spear. While I looked up into the sun and tried to catch it. Even while being blinded by the summer sun I catch it. A perfect throw striking me my neck just missing the juggler. ( I am not talking about juggling balls guys)

After I was rushed to the hospital the splinters taken out and the gapping hole stitched, Mom took me for ice cream. Not sure what dad said to Steve however, I do know we never played Zulu Warrior again.

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