October 2020 My World Zwischen Realität und Traum

October 30

Day 23


Rock and Roll I gave you the best years of my life.

Not really, but it is still good to kick back and Rock ON.

I have friends in the real world that have given everything they have for music. When I can I support them by buying CD's making photos they can use and going to the concerts that they give. The free ones I like best but. The other ones are much more important.

The lockdowns are making it very hard for them to eat and pay the rent just like so many of the people around the world.

When you can find it in your power go on line buy a CD to show your support. I would pick out your local Music artist go on line and order it directly from them. The big stars are doing OK.

When you have them on your FB side send them a note ask how they are doing. Without them this world would sure be a worse place than it already is.

October 29

Day 22

The love that shared. This is a subject that should be handled like walking on thin ice or left alone al together. I will try to express my feelings on the subject.

Each person who has ever touched my life in a relationship or that I have admired from afar.

Is still with me. I made a picture that tells the story that I will post here today. The picture could have been of a man or a woman I just like women better.

When it is over the breakups are never a joy for either party.

My first Break up I can say was with Karen Sue. Like in the Wonder Years we were friends from kindergarten up until the 7th grade at Hocker Grove Jr. High. We climbed trees, told stories and visited each other often. I was deeply in love but did not know it. The friendship ended one summer day when I called and said these words on the phone. I did not have anything to do so I thought that I would call you. She was in a different click than I was at school and this was the end of the story. Really I would like to see how she is doing now.

Other relationships ended on a sadder note. The the persons just out grew me and needed to branch out into the world to find themselves.

Once upon a time after trying to sort things out, the feelings were so hard that I packed a backpack went to the highway stuck my thumb out looking for adventure. While making it harder to be found for that long vacation in Vietnam.

On the road I met many good people. Worked when I had to, talked about flowers, trees, butterfly's peace and Freedom.

From time to time I came back to Shawnee Kansas and one day I was just gone again.

Was it fair? Not really. But nothing in life is.

Yesterday you loved me, that day we were one. Tomorrow when I am faraway I will send my best to you. Because freedom is important for people like me and you. ( That is a bunch of crap. But it really worked in the 70's )

Once I was told you will always be in my heart. It is a way to say it is over hit the road jack and don't come back.

This is called you are in My Heart.

I will interpret the picture for you. I put this picture for sale at an Exhibit and it sold withing 30 minutes. I was sad to see it go.

  1. Behind the heart you see a wall this is so the heart will not go any deeper.

  2. The person in the heart is the one that is being cast out.

  3. The needle says it hurts us both.

  4. The lion is just holding the needle.

  5. The Raven has brought the bad news.

  6. The brain is scrambled and the stairs bring you down.

  7. The little lady in the head is really hurting.

  8. The dice say........... You have a chance if I ever need your help for anything.

No mater what has happened or how many years have passed the memories of the good times are always with me. No one will ever know the rest of the stories , You have not judged by me and I have never told your secrets.